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Follow Along 100 days to get a profit of € 10 per day with Monetizer campaigns

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Dec 15, 2021
Day 3 of 100

πŸ‘€ Traffic Source: PropellerAds other pop traffic will follow
πŸ”§ Tracking Tool: none
🏒 Affiliate Network: Monetizer
🫴 Type of Offer: smartlink
πŸ’° Offer Payout: variable
πŸ† I believe this campaign will be successful because this should be a rather simple set-up (I will be using the @Luke method) and a matter of taking the necessary steps. Right?
🎯 Goal: € 10 per day profit
❓ I am unsure about: How long it will take to achieve this goal.


So I only recently discovered this Monetizer network and it looks like an interesting next step in my AF adventure.
As mentioned I would like to go to €10 a day.

The steps needed to get to this goal;

Step 1 βœ… get an account on Propeller and Monetizer
Step 2 βœ… build a first test campaign
Step 3 πŸ› οΈ get the tracking right
Step 4 πŸ› οΈ build a few campaigns that are break even
Step 5 πŸ› οΈ build a first small green campaign (even € 1 a day)
Step 6 πŸ› οΈ build a few small green campaigns (even € 1 a day)
Step 7 πŸ› οΈ build a system/routine to build small green campaigns
Step 8 πŸ› οΈ Get € 10 profit per day or € 300 per month

As you can see I have done
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