When it comes to adult traffic, finding a source that’s not only reliable but is also of good quality can be a bit tough. There are a lot of such networks out there, and one of them is TrafficStars. Is this network any good? Let’s find out.


😃 The Best Part of Using TrafficStars​

This network was established in 2014, but in just five years, it has grown to provide a lot of volume for advertisers. It delivers more than two billion impressions every day.

There are many things to like about TrafficStars aside from the volume, but the ones I like the most about this ad network are the following:

Easy Sign-Up​

Applying for an account is pretty easy, even for individuals. The procedures for opening an account is the same for both companies and individuals. To increase your chances of being approved, you just need to provide supporting documents, as well as references from CPA networks or other ad networks you’ve been working with.

Once approved, you’ll gain access to the self-service platform. The dashboard is simple to use, and campaign creation is easy to do especially if you already have previous experience in creating campaigns elsewhere.

Multiple Ad Formats​

I like that there are multiple ways for me to promote my offers. They have pops, banners (six sizes, to be exact), video pre-roll ads, and native ads. I like native ads the most because it’s one that gets the best engagements with actual audience interest.


Retargeting Option​

This is one I love most about TrafficStars. Anyone who has ever done remarketing before would know how great the conversion rate is. You can earn from your own branding efforts, or even other people’s!

Dynamic retargeting allows you to market to people based on specific parameters, such as age range, subscriptions, website events or more.

😢 The Worst Part of Using TrafficStars​

It’s not a perfect network, and these are its downsides:

Inaccurate Traffic Estimator​

Once you choose the targeting for your campaign, you will be presented with an estimate of the traffic you’ll possibly receive. This estimate is not even close to reality. The best way to get an estimate is to ask your account manager for an updated one.

Inaccurate Top CPM Bid​

Once you’re finished creating your campaign, you will see the estimated daily impressions (which as I mentioned above are inaccurate), as well as the current top CPM. However, this top CPM isn’t really true, and you will only find out once your campaign is approved and running. The real top bid is usually much higher.

Blacklisting Ad Spots Pauses the Campaign​

I had a few campaigns running and I decided to optimize them by blacklisting some ad spots. When I paused some ad spots, the campaign underwent the review process again! This happens even when you don’t change anything else. Why does this have to happen?

Should You Run Traffic With TrafficStars?​

YES. Even though there are some things to not like about this ad network, this adult traffic provider is still a great traffic source. For the issues mentioned above, you can solve them by discussing it with an account manager, so make sure you keep in touch with yours.