If you have some remnant traffic, chances are you are ignoring them. After all, this leftover, untargeted traffic is just a waste, right? Not. There’s still some money to be made with it if you know what to do and where to look.

Remnant traffic is just traffic that falls through because they fail to pass the qualifications set for an ad to be displayed. Some offers may still find this traffic acceptable, though. And there’s no need to rummage through affiliate networks for the right offer; you just need to find the right affiliate network. Monetizer is one great option.

Monetizer has several types of offers in its arsenal, including pin submits, lead gen, sweepstakes, app installs, and push subscriptions.

Monetizer affiliate network

What Makes Monetizer a Moneymaker?​

There’s a lot to love with Monetizer, one of which is that the platform will use your traffic as much as it can. For instance, they have back-button redirects and fallbacks. If your main offer does not convert, the traffic will still get a second chance. Admittedly, the payout will be lower if it does convert, but hey! What’s important is that you still earn from them.

If you want to choose the offer you’d like to promote, the best place to find one is at the Trending, Snapshot and Offer Marketplace sections.
  • The Trending section will show you which geo and vertical is moving up or down based on their performance in the past few days.
  • The Snapshot section displays the top geo and vertical based on revenue and EPC. You can further drill down the data by clicking on the Planner icon and looking for the best offer based on its performance under various categories.
  • The Offer Marketplace is, of course, the easiest place to find an offer as it immediately displays the trending offers for the past six hours and the top 25 offers for the past two days.
Finally, the best part about Monetizer is their Smartlink, which is specifically made for untargeted traffic. You can use it for the remnant traffic that you don’t want to think about, or you can use it to test and narrow down to the best performing offers on the platform.

What Makes Monetizer a Loser?​

We love Monetizer, but it’s not perfect. One minute you’re raking profits, the next minute you’re not. This is because some offers die off in a matter of hours! If it takes you more than a day to set up and optimize, tomorrow you might already be losing money. That’s how fast things go.

Also, even if you choose an offer and place it on the whitelist so that’s where your traffic goes to, sometimes it doesn’t really go there. Monetizer weighs on the traffic first to see if it fits the offer, and if it doesn’t, they’ll redirect it somewhere else. To improve your chances, you should whitelist as many offers as you can that match your traffic.

Final Thoughts on Monetizer​

Remnant traffic is not the only type of traffic you can use with Monetizer. Of course, you can utilize all other types of traffic you have, just don’t expect a very high return as most of the offers has low payouts. You can purchase traffic elsewhere and send them to your Monetizer Smartlinks or specific offers, but be warned that you’re not likely to see green when you purchase expensive traffic.

For paid traffic, Monetizer offers work best with pop and redirect traffic. They are cheap and have a lot of volume. But making this profitable involves jumping into the right offer at the right time. The moment an offer turns for the worse, you better jump right out before you are stuck with negative ROI. If your traffic source has the RBO (Rule-Based Optimization) feature, you should utilize it to its fullest.

Therefore, if you have traffic that you don’t know what to do with, or if you can drive purchased traffic and monitor your campaigns closely, Monetizer can definitely work for you. If not, look somewhere else.

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