If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, there are four basic things that you should do.
  1. Join affiliate networks.
  2. Choose a traffic type you want to focus on and open an account in one of the traffic providers of your choice.
  3. Find and register for a tracker.
  4. Spy on your competitors.
Why should you spy on your competition? Simple: to gain insight on the same campaign you are running. Since you'll be spying on others anyway, why not get a spy tool?


Not convinced? Here are the top six reasons why getting a spy tool is essential for your success:

1. You can spy on your competition faster.

Time is money. And spying can be a tedious process. First you need to find the same offer, then you have to take note of or take a picture of the ad title, text and image. Next is you have to check on the landing page. This will take you anywhere from two minutes to twenty minutes. And that is just for one ad. How much more time will it take to spy on several ads and landing pages?

The more time you spend manually spying on your competition, the more money you lose, even if this is an important step! However, getting a spy tool ensures that you find several ads for one offer in one place, in a matter of minutes. You can even bookmark these ads for future reference. It is one great time saver.

2. There is no need to get a VPN.

Many offers are being promoted offshore. If you are using an IP that is different from the target geolocation, chances are you will be redirected to a different landing page. If you want to be able to see the real landing page, you should purchase a VPN. This will temporarily change your IP to the correct country.

However, there is no need to do this with a spy tool. The tool will display the correct landing page every time. That’s something less to spend on!

3. You can easily rip landing pages.

Speaking of landing pages, taking a screenshot is so old school. You can save the webpage for future reference, but changing them to match your specifications would be difficult. Spy tools nowadays offer easy ways to download the landing page in editable formats. Some even allow you to edit the landing page within their platform and launch directly to your server. If you’ve ever tried creating your own landing pages, you would know how much of a help this is.

4. You may find a new angle to promote your offer.

You may have already set your mind on how to promote your offer. For instance, you can promote a bitcoin offer by saying this guy made a lot of money using this tool. But that is an overused angle. Using a spy tool, you will see that some are promoting bitcoin offers by using relationships or feelings. For example, an ad will say something like “husband discovers the secret his wife has been hiding for several months.” Who would’ve known that the secret is that she’s using bitcoin to earn a lot of money?

There are several other ways to promote an offer. If you’ve been racking your brain for a creative angle to promote an old offer, stop for a moment, head over to a spy tool an voila! A new angle is ripe for the picking.

5. You might find a different offer to promote.

If you currently have no offer to promote, you can use the spy tool to see what others are promoting. You can narrow down by country, language, duration the ad is running and more. If you see an ad that has been running for weeks on end, it might be something worth looking in to. You just have to find out what the offer is, search for an affiliate network that has it, and jump on the opportunity!

6. There is no need to translate ads.

International offers are all the rave nowadays, which means you have to spend more for translation. Google translate *sometimes* works, but to avoid the risk of your ad sounding funny to your target, you would need to hire a professional to translate your ad text. And if you are split-testing ads and countries, this means you’ll need to have a lot of text translated! With a spy tool, there’s no need to have the ad translated. Just look for the best performing and longest running ad for the offer and country you want to promote, and you’re done! The ad won’t be performing well if it wasn’t translated properly, right?

If all of these reasons fail to convince you, just think about this: your competitors are looking at your ads, too. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to level the playing field. Getting a spy tool will surely do that for you.

Spy tool recommendation: the most popular spy tool among affiliates is AdPlexity. Check out our AdPlexity review to learn why 🚀