We have already published a few articles here on affLift on how to work with mVas and why it’s a great vertical for starting out (check them out if you still haven’t), but we still get a lot of questions. So today we decided to dive deeper into what a usual funnel for mVas looks like and where you can find creatives. Stick around for more life hacks and promo codes from our partners in spy-services.

Funnels in mVas​

mVas offers come around in different genres: mainstream/adult, games, comics, music, yoga, iGaming and so on. This is why you can see that creatives differ greatly from offer to offer. We decided to take some of our ADLEADPRO offers and see the exact path a user makes to generate a conversion.

Let’s have a look at #2848 [CL]-Entel-Pornotube LP16. This offer gives access to some unique adult content. This is how it goes: a user sees a banner/popup/etc. and goes to the landing page where he/she clicks the ‘subscribe’ button and gets a text message with a link. And confirms the subscription through that link.


Or another example. Offer #4669 [ZA]-Vodacom-House Of Comics: a user (a comics lover) gets to the website, presses ‘continue’ and then ‘accept’, downloads the app, opens it and types the code received by SMS. And gets access to the comics library.


One more offer, for instance: a gaming offer #4645 [TH]-Dtac-Gamezine. A user goes to the landing page, fills in his/her phone number, gets an SMS with a link, clicks on it and gets the content.


Find creatives and funnels for mVas​

We have some bad news here: there is no specialized spy-service for mVas offers.

There is also some good news here: any random picture (that is related to the offer’s specifics) can convert. This is why we didn’t show the exact creatives for the offers above. There is no universal solution here. But we’re here to help you find your own way of working with these offers.

Working with gambling offers means following more or less the same pattern: find some reaction videos (screaming excited people, dancing/jumping/whatever you can find), jackpot compilation and a notification from the bank with lots of money. Glue it all together (make changes if necessary) and you have a universal creative.

mVas is different. You can get as creative as you can. Let’s take this adult offer as an example: #3721 [BR]-Tim-Carnal. Your creatives can look like this (these are standard banners from the publisher’s account.


You can also find inspiration in popular spy-services. If it’s a comics offer - use a superhero. Yoga offer? A picture related to yoga. The most important thing here is that a creative reflects the content’s genre and the offer’s USP (Unique Selling Proposal).


The same goes for all video ad platforms. If you need a creative for TikTok, search for them with some key words in the offer’s language in TikTok’s library. Then you can easily add some text with the offer’s USP.


Tips and life hacks​

Dzmitry Leto
Media buyer, Youtube blogger
“Basically I choose offers with mobile games. First of all, the target audience is way bigger than in offers with narrow specialization (like yoga). Secondly, most people that play games are ready to pay for the activation, SMS etc. Thirdly, it’s easier with the creatives. All you need to do is to go on Youtube, type in the name of the game/app/genre and get lots of interesting content that you can use later to get creatives (with ROI up to 100%). Here is an example of such creative:

If you already have some good steady profit from mVas offers, here is a great way to multiply it:

“The best way to get a ready-made funnel for mVas is to hire a person from the offer’s country to research websites with mVas advertisements. Usually these are some trash resources like news showcases or teasers where you are more likely to come across a funnel in the mobile niche. Basically they click everywhere and at some point will definitely stumble upon an mVas service. This might sound like a lot of effort, but this is what some of our partners use successfully.”


We do understand that not all newbies in media buying can afford a ‘local researcher’ to see how other people work with mVas in this region. So we asked some of our partners in SPY-services to share some promo codes/bonuses with our affiliates so that everyone could find working promotion methods:
  • Adheart - a Spy-service for Facebook ads (we talked about mVas and Facebook ads here). ‘ADLEADPRO’ promo code gives you a 15% discount (full price at $53 a month).
  • SpyOver - a monitoring service for teaser ads. They’ve just introduced parsing for push notifications. ‘ADLEADPRO’ promo code gives you a 30% discount (full price at $149 a month)
  • Admobispy - a service for in-App/Mobile Web networks. ‘ADLEADPRO’ promo code will also give you a 30% discount (full price at $49 a month).
Share with us in the comments below some of the strangest/funniest/cringiest creatives that actually converted well.

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