One of our top verticals at ADLEADPRO is the mVas vertical (if you don’t remember what it is or missed our article, check it out here). We have seen many different scenarios playing out before us as affiliates start working with these offers: both successful cases and cases where it would be great to have some help from our managers. So today we wanted to talk about how to make mVas offers convert and what mVas offers you should consider.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

How mVas offers work​

The most important advantage of the mVas vertical is that you can work with any offer in any sphere if you understand the route of getting the user convert into a lead.

In short, it looks like this:

A user see a creative => clicks on the link => goes to the landing page (if necessary, we can use pre landing page) => clicks on the button to get some content => pays for the content (either with SMS confirmation or a new page on the website) => gets the content and you get money.

Here is what it looks like in reality:


Offer 2848 [CL]-Entel-Pornotube LP16

So, basically, if you know the route and understand the workings of the offers, you can work with virtually any product. Here are some more advantages to mVas:

The user doesn’t have to make any complex actions.

No need to make any deposits to a casino account (also their payment systems fail sometimes). To pay for subscriptions the user has to make one-two clicks and he gets what he pays for.

A much wider audience.

If you compare it with gambling offers, mVas has dozens of different offers that can be interesting to tons of mobile users - games, videos, adult, files, horoscopes, music, dating, quizzes, sweepstakes and so on. Also, a lot of push networks have targeting based on interests which makes finding the target audience even easier.

You can work with white-hat offers.

Yes, adult would probably have a bigger audience, but here is an example of how well a kid’s platform with educational games converts:


Payout – $0.63. Flow: 2 click

Landing page of [PE]-Entel-MINIME

Moreover, if you worked with adult offers with standard payments for a registration with KPI, you can also work with dating here and get even more profit (because you get paid faster). You don’t need to wait for a validation process, two week hold or the rest of single conversions.

Works well with different traffic and GEOs​

Many media buyers think that mVas is for teasers and news showcases and Tier-3 countries with low standards of living are the top GEOs. In reality though with Facebook you can drive traffic to Austria, Germany and other developed countries quite successfully. Why? Because for the user it is easier to pay with a mobile phone account.

Here’s the type of traffic we would recommend trying with mVas:
  • push and pop notifications;
  • TikTok and some Asian competitors, e.g. BIGO ADS (Likee);
  • in-App.
Today top GEOs include: Peru, Thailand, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico. We’ve also seen great results in Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. Facebook Ads work well here, by the way.


Analytics of one of the affiliates working with Facebook traffic

mVas offers to try out 👇

Above we’ve shown some examples with adult and kid’s offers, but as you can imagine, mVas has also other types of offers. From gambling and dating to comics and different recipes. Here are some of our coolest offers:

3409 [CL]-Entel-Celebrity Videos–Lado B.

Mainstream offer with high payout rate for this GEO - $2.45. Here you can go with in-App traffic (push/pop notifications inside an app). Flow - 2 click.

2913 [CO]-Claro-HOC.

Product with 2 click flow for people reading comics on their smartphones. Pop/push traffic is best converting. Payout - $0.45.

2850 - [CL]-Entel-Games LP8.

Offer with high CR (11.54) for people who like playing games on their smartphones “Choose among 300+ games and have fun!” Payout - $1.68. Flow - 2 click.

4828 [TH]-AIS-Horotips New.

Tier-3 GEO cannot exist without a horoscope offer. Flow - Pin. Payout - $0.49.

At ADLEADPRO we have more than 2k mVas offer for all GEOs. Message us here to start working with mVas now!

Email: [email protected]
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