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With SpyOver you can to explore trends in advertising, to analyze and find out what combinations are already successful. The biggest benefit is the ability to collect valuable data for creating and launching your own profitable campaign.

SpyOver Benefits

▶️ Winning combination of competitors in native advertising ( creative-transit page-landing page).
▶️ Quick analysis of winning combinations, instead tired researching.
▶️ Ready made decision for target audience: determine exact traffic source, geo, publishers etc.
▶️ Save your time and fast launching your own advertising company.
▶️ Download ads and landing pages in one click

Why SpyOver is better than other spy tools?

▶️ SpyOver is #1 by coverage of native ads in 115 countries.
▶️ Native ads from 15 networks (Taboola, Outbrain, MGID, etc).
▶️ Top 10 list of publishers for each ad.
▶️ Publishers placement ID
▶️ Special feature - real views - sorting by trend for selected period for selected countries and devices
▶️ Option to mass download ads
▶️ Translate every ad text into English
▶️ Site loader - tool for download landing page or site in zip
▶️ Searching by landing pages: with sorting landing page, transit page, site.

You can easily find winning combinations in native advertising with powerful analytics SpyOver.

Try SpyOver and let your profit start growing!

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