This is our second part of the series on everything you need to start out with media buying. You can catch up with Part 1 here if you did not read it already. And then join us for the second part!

Searching for white pages and landings + hosting​

Now we need to find what we’ll be redirecting the users and moderators to. The latter will go to the white page, the former - to the landing or the pre-landing page (it’s not that important, the procedure is basically the same).

No need to start with your own websites right off the bat. It takes time and won’t be that effective if you lack experience. That’s why we take the theme of your offer and go to a free spy service - SpyPush. Let’s say we’ve found this funnel and want to test it (customizing it beforehand).


We’ll start with downloading this program so that we can easily download our landing pages. Install it. If you use Mac OS, you can try SiteSucker.


Go to the prelanding page. This is what we have here.


Copy the link, place it in ‘Website’ in the program and click ‘Copy’.


We’ll have a folder with the file on our computer. Let’s go back to Beget. Go to the ‘Websites’ page and right next to our domain click on an icon with a folder (file manager) and add our website there.


It might take some time to process it. You can clear the cache if necessary. Then go to our website and our pre-landing page from the spy tool.
The routine stays the same for all other websites that you will need in the future.

Buying proxy​

Now we need a proxy. There are different types of them: HTTP, HTTPS, Socks, resident, mobile, server, and public. We choose mobile proxy for several simple reasons:
  1. It’s a happy medium between quality and price.
  2. They have a good record with ad networks.
To put it simply, using a mobile proxy will mean a visit through a smartphone, which Facebook loves by the way.
Where do you buy them?
All of them have reasonable prices and adequate quality. Just register there and buy the proxy (remembering the GEOs of the accounts you bought).
So, what’s then?

After the purchase, take the host, port, login and password and place it in the anti-detect browser. In our case it will be ‘ 10502: 20check: 2e3bd7’. But we’ll talk about it a bit later. Just remember to save this page for the future.

A quick reminder: for mobile proxy you need to choose SOCKS as a port.

Buying accounts​

Now we go to an FB accounts shop and buy accounts. When you go there, you’ll see different types of accounts: auto-regs, with allowed advertising activity, including BM and FP. We’ll need all of it.

We need to buy one well farmed account + at least 5 auto-regs (and that’s enough for us). When buying accounts, make sure to check:
  • Fan Pages - Fan Page should belong to this one good account, otherwise it might get banned.
  • BM (Business Manager in Facebook) - so that your future advertising campaign has more trust);
  • The opportunity to get access to it via SMS (in case it gets banned);
  • Tokens, 2FA, cookies.

When you finally buy it, the seller should send you the following file:


And then we go to the offer on the affiliate network, prepare creatives and text. To be more precise, you should have chosen it before creating white pages and landings and pre-landers. With ready-to-use sites you need to create a link that you would use in your advertisement. If you work with gray-hat verticals, this is a moment you can't skip.

Next time we'll talk about tracking and cloaking. See you soon!

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