Some say that pre-landing pages in sweepstakes offers guarantee at least 50% of its success (others would even give it 70%). In any case without pre-landing pages a user potentially interested to get an iPhone or a voucher might not get to the final step - and we really don’t want THAT.

So, here’s our short guide on why you need pre-landing pages, what types of pre-landing pages we know and how to get them. And we’ll share some real converting pre-landings that we found ourselves.

Why do you need a pre-landing page

You might have heard someone say that a pre-landing page can “warm up” a user. If we talk about sweepstakes, a pre-landing is the basis that creates this emotional mood and makes the user want to participate in the giveaway. This is what you should have in mind when you start creating a pre-landing from scratch.

That is why you’ll likely never come across a pre-landing with a big-ass article about the importance of taking part in giveaways or morale on how it will cure your bad knees. No boring talk. But you will definitely see:
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Quizzes with easy questions
  • Prize showcase
  • Prize boxes to open
  • Lotteries
The main goal is to set the mood. If you manage to do it right, you WILL see 2 leads in your stats. But you’ll need to give your potential lead a great short logical explanation of why this exact user might win the prize. One possible scenario is this: on your pre-landing you can write that each Wednesday there is a new giveaway where at least 10 (not 1, but 10) people will get the prize. Make sure the user doesn’t feel like this is too exclusive. You need to show that the chances of getting the prize are quite promising.


Where to find pre-landing pages for free

So, let’s get down to business (tell us we are not the only ones who sang this). Affiliate networks have a common practice of giving pre-landing pages to their publishers (ourselves included). But you must understand that it’s not easy to create a unique pre-landing page with unique offers for each publisher. So, the unspoken rule is that you take a pre-landing page as an example and customize it to match the offer.

There is one more option here - go to a spy tool and monitor all the creatives they have for:
  • Amazon
  • Coupon
  • iPhone
  • Free Win
  • Giveaway
  • Vouchers
For newbies on a tight budget we suggest going to, where you register and then download everything you find. In the free version you won’t be able to search with the keywords above, but you’ll definitely find at least one pre-landing page in the first 10 pages.


Types of pre-landing pages for sweepstakes​

Here are 4 types of landing pages you can use for sweepstakes:

Type #1 : Wheel of Fortune​

Let’s start with the most popular type nowadays - Wheel of Fortune (we even found two options here). The first one will be great for any GEO, the second showed great results in the US because orange and black colors are somehow associated with Amazon. And Amazon is in the US.

The mechanism works like this: a user sees a notification that says he/she was chosen for a giveaway (you can always change the message in the script based on your offer), then the user spins the wheel and on the second try wins the prize.

Type #2: Prize Boxes​

The next most popular interactive pre-landing type is prize boxes. They are also used quite often in creatives for gambling as it sets a competitive mood.

A user goes to the pre-landing page, opens a notification with an invitation to take part in a game and is given three attempts to open the box. The user can never open it on the first try, and gets a message that will make him/her even more eager to try again. On the second or third try (depending on the script) he/she chooses the “right” box and goes to the landing page. It should look like this:

Don’t forget to change a picture in the box depending on the prize in your offer.

Type #3: Quizzes, Surveys​

Don’t be too quick to dismiss pre-landing pages with quizzes and surveys. Sweepstakes vertical also exists to collect not only email addresses, phone numbers and card’s info, but also to learn more about user’s preferences, age, gender etc. Some affiliates, for example, might add a question about the children and then sell this info to, let’s say, a toy’s store.

Type #4: Combination of surveys and boxes​

A hybrid type where surveys and boxes go together. Look at how in the second pre-landing page they use a timer - a great feature in marketing:

Obviously, we still see some old fashioned types with some news on how someone has won something on the internet - and it’s still working. But, as we see from experience, this flow is not really used as it is not that effective anymore.

We used WebScrapBook extension to download pre-landing pages. While downloading them from spy tools don’t forget to get rid of any unnecessary code, scripts, analytics. Also check the loading speed - nobody will wait 10 seconds to spin a wheel. If you need a tutorial on how to do it, tell us in the comments below.

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