Is there anyone who doesn’t like free stuff? With ever rising prices and ever present desire to own more, we’re doomed to be drawn to any sorts of giveaways. And this is how we got Sweepstakes offers - an always thriving vertical that even a newbie can manage.

At ADLEADPRO besides mVas offers (article can be found here) we work with Sweepstakes. And today we want to share with you what you need to know: flows, prelanding pages and where to get them for free, what creatives and traffic sources to use (and what our partners use).

Sweepstakes flows: what to choose​

For anyone who still is not sure what Sweepstakes are: these are offers where a user has to give some personal data in order to take part in some giveaway. Usually, it’s something any capitalist consumer dreams of: some electronic gadgets, homeware, coupons or even travel vouchers.The goal is very simple - you obtain personal information (e.g. first/last name, email, phone number) for future purposes. And get paid for every lead you drive.

As in mVas offers, there are several flows in Sweepstakes:

SOI (Single Opt-in) and DOI (Double Opt-in). If you work with SOI offers, you’re paid for every registration without any further email or SMS confirmation from the user. DOI offers presuppose obligatory confirmation via email. In the picture below you can see the landing page for a free Amazon card, which can be won after filling in all the forms.


SOI-[DE]-Amazon1000EuroNOprelander (Payout $2.90)

CC Submit (Credit Card Submit). These are subscription offers where the target action is submitting your personal data AND your card info. A user will be charged around $1 to check the validity of the card, and an affiliate will get around $20-30 per lead depending on the GEO.


CC-[FR]-Dyson Supersonic (Payout $20.70)

While CC Submit offers do seem more profitable because of higher payout rates, mind that they are good for those GEOs where people usually pay with credit cards online. These are usually Tier 1 countries, though we do have offers in Tier 2 and 3. It would be harder though to attract this audience with the promise of an iPhone for $1 - the audience is usually internet savvy and more cautious.

That is why you need prelanding pages. And we’ll tell you more about where to find them later in the article.

Creatives: where to find them​

Unlike gambling, you won’t have to rack your brain about what creatives to choose for Sweepstakes. Everything is pretty simple.

For static banners you can always find photos of the prize itself and add it to Canva with a call for action. If you want to use videos, you can always go to TikTok or Instagram, type the name of the prize in the search bar and choose videos or reels where you can insert some inscription or add your own sound.

You can also add ‘Sweepstakes’ to get more specifically designed creatives.

For push and pop traffic you can always go to spy services and get ideas for any static formats.


To attract the audience to the offer, you can use the following calls for action:
  • Want to win the newest/best/top smartphone? Follow the link here.
  • We’ll tell you how to get a new smartphone for a lower price. Only today!
  • Unbelievable! You can get a new smartphone today! Go now, the offer is limited!

Recommendations from experienced affiliates​

  • Use less words, pay more attention to the button (you can write there “Participate” or “Try now”. Focus on the prize.
  • Make the user feel special - he should feel lucky to be a part of the giveaway.
  • Use ‘limited offers’. Users shouldn’t have any time for consideration. They need to click NOW.
The recommendation is still quite basic: test different approaches, banners/videos to get other users interested (men or women, people of younger/older age). Sweepstakes are the vertical where you can use cheaper sources of traffic so tests won't be really expensive.

Pre landing pages and different approaches​

Sweepstakes is a vertical that doesn’t perform without prelading pages. The idea is that you first get a user really interested before redirecting to the main landing page.

You can always find prelanding pages in any spy-service and make necessary changes. For example, you can use SPY.House - a free spy-service that will show you all the running campaigns in any vertical by key words. Type in the key word (let’s say ‘iPhone’), find a running sweepstakes campaign and using a proxy or VPN, open the link in the needed GEO and then take the prelanding.


This is a prelanding for an English-speaking audience. If you click on the link, you will be redirected to the prelanding page. You can make the necessary changes according to the offer you’re working with. With prelanding pages you will only be able to see if it’s profitable or not only after carrying out tests.

Sweepstakes don’t necessarily mean an article about how someone has won a fortune. It can also be interactive in a way. For example, you need to play a roulette (where you win at your third try), fill in some small survey and get a page with reviews. And only then do we get to the main page where we leave our personal data.

Offers and Traffic​

We have talked to our affiliate managers to make a list of the most profitable offers for this month.

3808. SOI-[DE]-WEB/WAP-iPhone13+AirpodsEXCLUSIVE. Flow: SOI. Payout: $2.58. They accept everything except for email traffic.

4003. SOI-[US]-Super Sweepstakes. Flow: SOI. Payout: $1.75

4040. CC-[IT]-AllDaysGiftClub Nintendo Switch OLED. Flow: CC. Payout: $19.20.

CC-[FR]-24-7 Nespresso Pixie. Flow: CC. Payout: $20.70

Top traffic sources were push traffic (CR - 1:12) and social media traffic (CR - 1:7). If you want to work with exclusive offers in mVas, CPI, E-commerce, Nutra AND (obviously) Sweepstakes, you can always contact our managers here:


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