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Do you want to spend your advertising budget wisely? If so, then it is important to know what ads are performing well and which ones are not. Admobispy can help with that!

As is obvious with the name, AdMobiSpy is a spy service that allows you to find and monitor ads being run online so you know which ones are successful before spending any money on them yourself. This company is based in Ukraine and they have been in the business since 2014.

Before signing up for this service, here are some information you need to know.


AdMobiSpy Offers Multiple Formats and Platforms​

While you might think from the name that AdMobiSpy only spies on mobile ads, you can't be more wrong. Actually, the platform offers the following plans:

Spy on Google Ads​

AdMobiSpy gives you not just a peak but detailed information on ads running on Google. It captures ads from five different formats, including banner ads, native ads, and text ads. More than 2,000 ads spanning 52 countries are added every day.

The subscription fee for the Google Ads plan is $299 per month, or $2,990 per year (less 17%).

Spy on myTarget Ads​

If you want to promote in the Russian market, then you should sign up for the myTarget Ads plan. The ads collected here span across 11 countries and three social placements. Available ad formats include banner ads, video ads, native ads, and double advertising.

To get access to myTarget ads, you must pay a subscription fee of $49 per month or $490 per year.

Spy on Popup Ads​

Pops are still alive! Proof of this is the millions of pop ads shown to users daily. AdMobiSpy gathers popup ads from the top five pop-up networks and across 70 countries. Users of this plan can expect to see at least 700 new landing pages every day to give them fresh ideas on what to run on this traffic type.

The popup ads plan costs $149 monthly or $1,490 annually.

Spy on Mobile Ads​

People's mobile usage has increased over the years, making it one of the best traffic types to use when promoting affiliate offers. This platform's mobile ads spy service collects ads across 23 ad networks, 70 countries, and five mobile ad formats (banner, double, native, text, and video ads). More than a thousand of these are added every single day.

This one is priced at $199 per month or $1,990 per year.


If you want to gain access to all of the ads and formats above, you can do so for the price of $599 per month or $5,990 per year.

🚀 Interested? Take a look through our AdMobiSpy Guide!

AdMobiSpy Additional Features​

Just seeing the ads will not be of help; you must be able to use them for your own campaigns. As such, this spy service allows its users to:
  • View the affiliate network and tracker used on the ad;
  • Download ads and landing pages in one click;
  • Download multiple ads all at once;
  • Narrow down ads based on 15 filters;
  • Search for ads based on keywords;
  • Save ads that caught your attention through the Favorites feature;
  • Use the Analytics section to find trends, statistics, and other relevant information.
If you're interested to use the platform but would like to see first whether it's the one you need, you can sign up for a free trial which allows you a maximum of two sessions.

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