Pay Per Call marketing is one of the most lucrative payment models today. With people getting warier and warier of transacting online but don’t want to leave their homes for certain transactions, talking to a real person online has become the next best thing. Like any other payment model, affiliates will get paid once a user contacts the business using the affiliate link or the unique affiliate contact number.

PPCall offers can be considered high-ticket products, most of which pay in a similar range as CC submit offers (sometimes even better). If you know what you are doing, PPCall can be a lucrative business for you. But first, you need to find a performance network that has such offers on its platform.

Top Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks to Join

Here are the top pay per call affiliate networks that we recommend you join:

Ring Partner
When you say Pay Per Call affiliate network, Ring Partner is the one that would easily come to mind. Being one of the first in the industry having launched in 2013, Ring Partner is ahead with its custom tracking solutions. Their most popular categories are home warranty, legal services, insurance, appliance repair and installation, hotels, medical services, and veterinary services.


This affiliate network is focused on pay per call campaigns since 2015. The industries they work in are insurance, finance, real estate, home services, rehab, and travel. This platform provides multiple tools such as advertising templates for landing pages, banners, and text links with call configurations.

Similar to MarketCall, Visiqua started its operations in 2015. Their top niches are home services, insurance, mobile offers, travel, and couponing.

PALO Mobile
PALO is one of the first agencies that filled the void in the performance marketing space. Established in 2010, the company has positioned itself as the authority in pay per call marketing. Aside from providing tools that affiliates would need to promote their offers, they also hold workshops spearheaded by industry experts to help their publishers.

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Founded in 2012, this network works with the biggest brands in banking, entertainment, dating, retail, and more. Some of their most popular advertisers include HSBC, the Dish Network, Disney, Golds Gym, and Fidelity Life. With these well-known brands in their platform, it won’t be too hard to convert calls coming from your end.

Astoria Company
If you’re looking for offers in the health, travel, legal, finance, and insurance niches, Astoria is a good choice. They provide individual toll-free number tracking and dynamic number assignment.

Final Thoughts on Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a good place to start. The networks mentioned above are the ones that have proven their mettle in the ever-changing dynamics of affiliate marketing.

Unlike other conversion models such as pay per lead or revenue sharing, there’s still so much to be explored in PPCall marketing. Profit is calling; don’t wait too long to answer!

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