zeropark...anyone any luck? Can anyone share a success story in 2023?



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May 10, 2018
I signed with ZP in was making money then at one point , in sync with the business changes and decline it stopped giving profits and now is a ridicolous ( for me ) service where I couldnt get one , mean one, campaign in green in years. I didn't shut it down more for affection than profitability rank.
I'm now at "refund"stage before it ends like the dear guys of Self Adv but such is my determination and "love" for the interface that I would like to give it a last chance. I know some people are successful with ZP here so if anyone feel like giving a tip, that would be great. What the probem could be? For what my gut feeling is, although they deny, they have a pool of trusted advertiser that gets the best traffic and then the normal folks that gets the garbage. ( cant find a different name for something that in 15k visits gets only 5 push sub and from zero to 1 offer conversion and thatfr same money on Prop I get 10x both ). In addition my verticals are wrong as I use a lot of mvas while
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