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X Ads Revenue Sharing



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Apr 17, 2018
I am not convinced the rebrand to X is a good idea (as I mentioned here), but I do think that Elon adding revenue sharing to X is a good idea.

In case you missed it, X (formally Twitter) is offering a revenue share program where Creators can be paid a portion of the ad revenue generated by their tweets when viewed by verified users.

I have been working towards the 15M impressions in 3 month minimum to get access to revenue share and yesterday, X announced they're decreasing the minimum to 5M impressions:

Well, I was already at 5M impressions so I applied and was approved right away.

It's an interesting idea but I do believe it has potential. Social media platforms have been making bank off the backs of content creators while the creators have struggled to find ways to monetize their audiences. I have some of the top Facebook Pages in quite a few niches but I do not make as much money off it as I used to because of the issues with reach and monetization.

Incentivizing content creators to come to X by offering them a share of
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