What I Learned Indirectly from Luke’s Beginners Course!



Jul 3, 2021
Hi everyone I am still a newbie here but I am proud to say I have hit the first major milestone in my affiliate marketing journey. I have finally broke even on all costs including my initial blunders from my first 2 test campaigns which failed miserably.

I currently have 2 long term campaigns that generate me on average $4 dollars a day which is not much for a first world country but it’s significant enough where I am from. It took me a week to get here. Hopefully after 10 more weeks I can seek out more profitable pockets to generate $50 a day which is equivalent to a managers position and that money will be PASSIVE INCOME!

Here are a few things I learnt!

Some campaigns are simply inconsistent but profitable. There’s no point in figuring out why it behaves so. Even after uncovering the site which happens to be a link shortener, it still did not explain why there were sudden bursts of profitable traffic, after which it goes into break even mode then it will suddenly become super profitable again.

There are 2 main things that you really have to look out
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