Voluum for SEO setup?



Grand Guru
Aug 10, 2018
Hey AffLIFTers,

a client of mine is looking to track his SEO/Organic Traffic with Voluum if possible. I have read their documentation for it on your blog, but I have a few questions. Hope you can help...

  • The doc says we have to add the LP script to the website. But do we have to add the exact same script to each of the SEO pages? So if we have 500 unique pages, do we need 500 same LP scripts?

  • How does it work with the Click URL in SEO/Voluum? In paid ads, we use domain.com/click - does this work with SEO the same way?

  • Also, is it enough to set up 1 "organic traffic" campaign for the entire website (e.g. 500 pages) and have a variable that tells us which page made conversions? OR does each unique page need a unique campaign?
I just reached out to Voluum support and look forward to what they say. But I also thought I ask around in here to see if somebody uses this or knows how. And also for the future, if somebody is looking for answers, we can have them here ;)

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