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Guide Using Cloudflare Apps to 💪 Pimp-Up 💅 Your Landing Pages (With No Code or Plugins 😲)

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Oct 15, 2019
The other day I was setting up SSL on a new domain using Cloudflare and I must have been a bit bored because after I set everything up and tested it, I was pretty much just staring at my screen. So, I did what any bored online nerd does when they aren’t motivated to do anything productive – I started randomly surfing the interwebs. And seeing I was already in Cloudflare, I just started poking around their site for no real reason.


Anyway, not-so-long story short, I ended up reading up on some of the features I’ve never really thought about using before (Pages and Workers look pretty interesting) and then stumbled onto the Cloudflare Apps marketplace. And I was surprised to see just how many feature-packed apps were available and mostly free to install with just a click – without the app ever leaving Cloudflare’s edge!

BTW, if you're a bit unsure about Cloudflare or CDNs in general, I posted another guide yesterday with some intro content to help you get started:

What are Cloudflare Apps?​

If you want better performance, features, and services on your landing pages or websites, but when it comes to
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