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Tracking/Postback Help Total.affiliates/Bemob setup



Grand Guru
Nov 1, 2021
again I have problems to setup some tracking for a network. This time totalaffiliates.com. The Aff manager also does not know much about tracking and just gave me a DOC I thought I understood right. But it seems tracking is not working in any way.


Affix S2S (Postback)Registration Form

Step 1: Adding unique identifier to Clicksregistered by your trackers​

Typically you would want that any Postrequest sent to your server contains some ID that helps you identifywhat Tracker generated some statistic. Adding this identifier israther simple, to our usual trackers that look like:


12345 should be replaced with campaignId you are using on our system (check in Trackin Links section). Justadd query string parameter with identifier placeholder in yoursystem. Typically in your system entry would look like of thefollowing:

So I setup offer like above with clickid inserted.

And for postback I used this:

1) signups: https://www.url.com/postback?cid={clickId}

2) FTD : https://www.url.com/postback?cid={clickId}&payout={firstDepositAmount}

They send me test links with testoffer and anything showed up correctely.
But as soon as I try with real offer no signups are showing in bemob.

The Aff manager says he cannot
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