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Guide Tracking Conversions and Sources from ProPush



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Apr 17, 2018
This may have already been covered somewhere in the forum, but if it was, I missed it and it took me a few days last week before I finally did it and got it working :)

I'm running quite a few campaigns right now collecting push subscribers using ProPush.

The issue that I have is that ProPush limits the amount of sites/landing pages you can add (they will increase this if you ask them, but that's a pain) and that they do not postback your revenue (only conversions).

I was able to basically resolve both of those issues by accurately and automatically tracking new subscribers in my Voluum tracker and passing my campaign ID as a Source which I can then run reports for in ProPush.

When you create your Smart Tag, add your postback from your tracker like this:


{ymid} is the variable for the postback click ID. They do not pass payout so there's no need to pay any attention to that and I setup a custom conversion in Voluum (you can do this now with most trackers) for my subscribers.

The Click ID and Source ID variables are important because we're going to
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