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Top Affiliate network (Mobidea) won't pay, scam?



Super Contributor
Jul 22, 2021
Hey Guys

Does an affiliate network have the right to keep your payment on hold just because they didn't get paid?

What pisses me off is while I was sending traffic to their offers, they asked me to scale and send more
and the moment I ask for a payment 2 months after I started working with them, it's a bunch of excuses

1. My manager tells me: "Sorry for the late reply. Your payment is still on hold as we are waiting for feedback from the advertiser. They are currently checking the leads, and it may take some time. Once I receive the feedback, I will update you as soon as possible."

mind you I let the money sit on the network for more than a month because I had more cash than I wanted stuck on my Paxum account, so they had plenty of time to do that, I ran the offer from March 27 to April 27 and requested my first payout on the May 24, since then I am just waiting.

2. After she started ignoring me (and now she took some days off), I had to search for another contact on Skype
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