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Tiers of Traffic in Affiliate Marketing: why geo-targeting matters?


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What are country tiers in affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing allows advertisers to target ads at people all over the world. To make your life easier all these countries have been divided into three groups — tiers — based on a number of factors like:
  • financial status
  • geographical location
  • languages
  • legal regulations
  • technological advancements
  • society and ethnicity
This allowed for identifying three main areas that share similar characteristics called TIER 1 TIER2 and TIER3 GEOs. So what countries belong to each group? Well...if we were to include them all you’d get tired scrolling down. That’s why you can check the full list here or[URL 'https://zeropark.com/blog/tiers-of-traffic-affiliate-marketing-geo-targeting/'] have a look at our blog article for the shortened version [/URL] that we’ve prepared for you. Here are a few brief observations though:
  • Clearly Tier 1 includes mostly English speaking countries plus rich Western European ones.
  • Tier 2 as could be expected is a mix of countries from all over the world that could be described as medium level.
  • The last group Tier 3 consists of all the other countries — either the poorest the least developed or simply the least attractive for affiliate advertising. Do not write it off just yet though. Bear with us and you’ll see there’s a huge potential in Tier 3 countries.

Why is geo-targeting essential for digital advertising? Geo-targeting is a very important part...
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