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Official TheOptimizer Mobile - Pop/Redirect/Push Campaigns on Auto-Pilot


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Nov 8, 2018
Hello awesome people, hope you're in for a great weekend!

It has been a while now since we joined this community but haven't yet posted regarding our campaign management and automatic optimization platform TheOptimizer Mobile. And the reason behind that is because our devs have been a little busy working on the latest improvements we're about to share with you today, so if you haven't tried it yet, you're in for a big surprise! ;)

How does TheOptimizer Mobile help you get the most out of your Pop/Redirect/Push campaigns?

Delivers combined spend, revenue and more in one single dashboard.

  • Accurate spent, revenue and profit on a Campaign / Publisher / and Ad level. This way you know exactly where your money is going on a super granular level.
  • Traffic Source to tracker click difference. Super useful to keep your click-loss under control and avoid traffic sources over-charging you for clicks that never get to your sales page.
Keeps your campaigns performance under control on autopilot
  • Pause under-performing Campaigns / Publishers / Push Creatives when certain conditions are met (clicks, cost, conversions, revenue, etc)
  • Start profitable Campaigns / Publishers / Push Creatives
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