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May 9, 2018
Last time I asked, most people said it would be interesting to read an SEO follow along. Many people don't know this but I started doing SEO in 2012 and I still make thousands every month with it.

In fact, when my media buys aren't as good or paused, I always know I have SEO money coming in every month so I don't worry as much as other guys who are 100% into paid traffic.

I take money from my organic traffic to run campaigns, and I put my profits from paid campaigns back into websites or assets I can rank to keep the snowball rolling.


So here is it. My first SEO follow along at the forum. This thread is going to be a bit different as with SEO you can't test and make changes to see what works one day later and analyze data. It requires much more patience. Changes you can take 1-4 weeks to show results, and you can't scale up your traffic or data just by increasing your daily budget instantly.

I pretend to update this thread once every 2-4 weeks. A monthly update sounds fine, but I'm sure there might be occasions
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