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May 7, 2018
Recently it seems there have been a lot of questions related to landing page builders here on the forum. There have also been a couple of new LP builders that have been recently released, so how about we check each of them out and see what one is best?

Tools that are meant to help you build landing pages are great if you don’t know how to code, however, my preference for building landing pages is still with straight-up HTML/CSS/JS.

I highly recommend that you eventually learn basic coding, even if you’re going to be using a landing page builder to pump out landers to use in your campaign. Read this to find information about how and where to learn basic coding.


Landing page builders have basic functionality. If you’re going to want to add in something to your page that isn’t a feature of the landing page builder (ie. make the lander dynamic) you won’t be able to do it without basic coding knowledge.

Also, if you’re going to want to edit a landing page you found in the wild you’re going to need to clean the page of malicious code yourself
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