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May 7, 2018
Being a solo affiliate marketer you have to have a lot of skills if you're going to actually make some money. You need to know everything from accounting, to buying traffic on traffic sources, to even basic knowledge of coding.

Most new affiliates want to try affiliate marketing because they are in the situation of needing money. They want the fastest shortcut to success... doing as little work as possible hoping those dollar bills just fall from the trees. 💸

That stuff just doesn't happen... unless you're extremely lucky, but I can't see your success lasting very long even if you were that lucky.

The Lazy Affiliate vs. The Skilled Affiliate

The lazy affiliate is in desperate need of money. They will direct link most all of their campaigns because they can't be bothered with making a landing page to increase their conversion rate. They can't even be bothered to learn the first thing about landing pages because that's just too "complicated" for them.

This type of affiliate is going to have a hard time finding success. You know why? Because there are literally thousands of other affiliates that are in the exact same boat.

You don't get
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