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Testing a new angle (example included)



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Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
We talk a lot about landing pages here on affLIFT, but I do not think we talk enough about creating unique angles. Yes, a landing page is important and can drastically help increase the performance of your campaign. But, what is more important is the actual angle your landing page uses to convince the user to actually convert!

Many of us (I'm including myself here) are lazy at times and like to simply rip a LP from our favorite spy tool, grab a free landing page posted here on affLIFT, or reuse a landing page we've already run on 132 other campaigns.

None of those things are necessarily bad and can work.

But, if you're stuck with a lot of red campaigns, it might be time to test a new angle.

Testing a new angle has many benefits, but 2 that are obvious to me and really help me personally are:
  • I like the creative process and I find building something new (once I've gotten started and gotten over the hurdle of "not having time for it") to be very motivating.
  • I like the uncertainty of an untested angle but the endless potential of it.
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