Follow Along Survey Pops FA - I am almost about to give up, let this FA be the game changer.

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Nov 29, 2019
Hi Affliftians (how do you think about this name for our community members? ), I finally decide to do a FA now, the reasons being:
1. I have been around this community for quite some time, although only recently I got quite serious about taking advantage of the membership to learn about affiliate marketing. So I read the famous intermediate Survey pops guide and try to do the campaign accordingly (again, last time I somehow quit half way), after a few rounds, I got better results but still in red. But I lose confidence already or a bit unsure about how to continue fine tuning the campaign. So when @Affyou suggested I should start a FA when in Red instead of in Green, I merrily accepted the idea and take action here.

2. Definitely I want it to be green ASAP, but I need help or advice from our expert community members. So please be generous on your advice and tips.

3. I want to also share some of my obstacles and learnings along the way so that some of our community freshmen can benefit from it.

Ok, without further ado, let's talk about the campaign.

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