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STEP 12 - First Results



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May 2, 2018
Once your campaign gets approved, it won’t be long before the first $5 is spent. Since you are targeting all countries, your initial budget might be spent within a few minutes.

You’ll get an email notification saying the budget for your campaign has been depleted. Something like this:


Now it’s time to analyse the results. You might be surprised that your campaign didn’t bring any profit. Instead, you might see a loss and negative ROI. This is perfectly normal for most campaigns, especially in the first (testing) phase.

Remember, the goal of this guide is to teach you some basic things about affiliate marketing and to get you your first conversion.

If you open your Skro tracker campaigns e14.png page you should see something like this:


In case you don’t see any data in your tracker, try changing the selected timeframe to Last 7 days or Yesterday (maybe you are checking your stats today, but the campaign was only getting traffic yesterday).

As you can see, my tracker recorded 8583 visits and 3525 conversions which generated $0.4130 in revenue. Tracked cost is $2.5743 and profit is $-2.1613. Based on these numbers, ROI is -83.96%.

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