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So what's the next big contest gonna be for us just jumping onboard Luke?



Feb 4, 2022
Was wondering what the next big contest would be for the ones that came in too late for the adcash follow along? Or maybe i got one we could do how about this we a newbie team up with one of the advanced affiliates in the forum and run a campaign follow along on ad cash.

but we don't get to pick our partner the administrators pick who our partner would be and it goes for 2 weeks they help us set up everything (no limit to the vertical but have to use be mob for tracking and have to use top converting ads for CPA offer)since the advanced affiliate should have experience in running offers.

Idk just something that i was thinking would be a good contest. so im asking everyone in the forum would any of you like to do something like this? would it be beneficial to the newbies and the pros?
Im sure this might strike some kind of interest to a few. Let's vote on it even if it's 5 teams let's see how it goes.

answer 1 for yes
answer 2 for no
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