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Follow Along Rushing Sweepstakes Offers with Propellerads and Notix - #PA10K


Jan 10, 2022
I am used to read Afflift a lot but never post anything. Thanks @Luke and Propellerads for this opportunity! I have some reasons to start this follow along. I would like to create new source of income with Tier-1-2 GEOs. For now i am working with Tier-3-4 mostly. Follow along is supposed to be a good motivator. Moreover, my english needs a tons of priactice.

Traffic Source: PropellerAds
Traffic Type : Push, Popunder, DirectClick
Tracking Tool: Binom
Type of Offer: Sweepstakes
Geos : Tier-1-2
Offer Payout: Multiple
I believe this campaign will be successful because:

  • Additional monetization of traffic using Notix
  • Automation of mediabuy

Now i am focused on 1 GEO. I picked up a dozen sweepstake offers for a front-end and a few dating, CPI, surveys, etc. for an additional monetization. My first goal is to find a good front offer and determine an approximate returns from additional monetization. For a tests i am using CPA Goal Campaigns with High User Activity and 3g traffic. Once i will have a good offer i will test other stuff like creatives, landing pages and targetings.

SInse i created a few campaigns before, i can already share results
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