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Rollerads Push has transformed my push revenue from less than $100 to more than $200 a DAY !

BeMob + affLIFT


Grand Guru
May 10, 2018
Hello Hello

It's been a while seen my last thread

Just wanted to show you guys such hugh opportunity

As i'm i was a big fan of monetizer push before i've tested this network Rollerads Push

let me show you how big difference revenue is at the same Volume of traffic

Here an example of what i make every day with monetizer


And here what i made every day with Rollerads Push collection


Beside that You might note there are some big days in push subscribers That happen coz i've Resub my list

With my AM NikRollerAds He also has been very responsive and helpful You might ask him for resubs too

It would be nice from you if you support me and signup from my Ref link :D

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