Guide Search Monetization and Search Arbitrage - Here is what you need to know



Nov 18, 2019
Whether you are an extension owner, media buyer, interested in search arbitrage, or almost any type of publisher – welcome! We have created this ultimate guide for you if you ever wondered what search monetization is and why you should give it a shot.

There are two ways you can work on this:

  1. Search Feed Syndication
  2. Anything to Search or Search Arbitrage

Since there are a few aspects search can be applied to, we have decided to dedicate a few paragraphs for each so:

Let’s start with Extensions and how to change search settings:​

A very popular way of Search monetization is being done on Browser Extensions. All these extensions had to be powered with monetization – the most common one was Search monetization. For example, you can change the way tabs work, integrate your notes, get Gmail notifications, play games, translate text, grammar-check your writing and customize every New Tab of yours.

Nowadays, many extensions are a sub-product of a main product or app that is used on different devices, etc. They come in packs of website + app + extension. Like Honey, Grammarly, The Great Suspender, etc.

With your permission, extensions
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