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Follow Along Revcontent Desktop RON + Clickbank VSL



Jul 31, 2023
After getting some help from @Varun he suggested I make a full on follow along for the campaign. This is my first campaign and we are kind of jumping into the middle of things but I would love help on how I could improve.

🎯 Traffic Source: Revcontent
🔧 Tracking Tool:
✅ Affiliate Network: Clickbank
💰 Offer Payout: $100 (at the start of this FA)
🖥️ Platform: Desktop
💳Budget: $200 a day
🤔Unsure About: Whether or not to continue with this offer or switch to another

Spend: $8500
Revenue: $5000
ROI: -40%

Current Funnel:
5 creatives, 1 lander, 1 offer
After testing multiple offers and landers in this niche I've settled on these 2. My vCTR is typically low to mid teens and lander ctr is 40%. Early on I ran creatives to 2x payout before killing, now doing 1x since I have a couple quality creatives already breaking even. I am still unsure about when to kill a creative. For example if it gets 2 conversions on $200 spend, but then goes another $300 spend without, when do I need to kill it.

Bidding, Budget and Optimization:
  • Started Campaign at 0.4 CPC, and am
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