Guide Push Notifications - Best Practices & trends (CEO's Review)

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Feb 24, 2022
Push notification ecosystem is definitely an existing place in 2022 and this is true for affiliate marketers and advertisers. What makes this advertising scene so fruitful and promising, and where you can find the best push traffic in 2022? Let’s discover.

Apple is opening a web push for Safari and IOS in 2023
Push user-base potential just got bigger! On June, 6th at the WWDTC22 conference Apple announced that they are opening web push notification technology for Safari and IOS in the coming year. Safari will use the standard W3C Push API that other browsers like Chrome and Firefox utilize.
This case simply destroys the previous image of push as a too intrusive ad format. Considering the fact that 15% of global desktop devices run on MacOS and 25% of mobile devices worldwide operate on IOS (much more in the US), this represents a unique market shift that can potentially deliver much better advertising opportunities in 2023.

Bottom line: Push ad format is growing in Status and Volume in 2022-2023

Advertisers rethink push experience

Keeping a healthy ratio between content and push notifications is a key to successful campaigns in 2022. One might think "the more ads, the better",
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