PSA - Think twice about who you work with in this industry

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May 7, 2018
I normally wouldn't write a post like this, but this time @Voluum has overstepped the line (again) and I've had enough. Note this is purely my opinion and my opinion only.

Back in April, Voluum posted a thread announcing their latest "Bot Guide" eBook about "how to spot fraudulent bot traffic". It sounded interesting, so I downloaded it. As expected, I was mega disappointed in the guide, as there's no real good information within. In case you were wondering... their answer to "how to spot fraudulent bot traffic" is "buy Voluum". 👎

Now, I've had many previous encounters with Voluum and most of them ended with a super sour taste in my mouth, like the time I was using Kintura and tried to take them up on their "price match" offer they had at the time. I can't remember the exact details, but it was basically they'd match the price you were paying for any other tracker if you switch to them. I had zero intentions of switching to them; I was more curious if they'd actually honor their offer. There were no disclaimers, limitations, or fine print on the offer. I had a very good plan with Kintura
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