Follow Along PropellerAds + MaxBounty (no 3rd party tracker) December Contest

I'd like to share an in-depth video showing the bemob setup that turned everything around for me, along with the steps taken to get 100% ROI on this offer configuration.

I should note, that while I'm getting 100% ROI right now, I cannot max out to the daily cap due to a lack of profitable traffic sources...
Still losing traffic at the tracker but it is less now that bemob is set up and working.

Post your questions and I'll do what I can to help you.
As for the loss of traffic issue, today I have paid for 810 clicks and the cpa company shows 505 clicks. This must be factored in to profitability calculations.
Ok, good. Question:
Did you used the rtx intext template in bemob for create push camps?
Why you need/use the data in the network traffic for optimization? whether you can have the data in the bemod tracker.
How you configure the bemob postback in the network traffic in order to received the data from bemob?
When I created the campaign I selected "RTX Intext" as traffic source, yes.
I find it easy/convenient to use the data in the traffic source, to enable and disable zones and such...otherwise it will be copy/pasting back and forth.
The bemob link is very detailed, lots of params and the postback back to the traffic source is just the clickID / externalId from what I see.

It's my first adventure with push advertising so learning as I go - feel free to suggest anything.


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really good.
try to use a good landing page, you will see better results.
and keep going, by the way, you don't need to track your conversions using the traffic source, even with facebook people use to do that, now they don't gave there ROI to facebook, but i don't know if that's the case with these push traffic sources, but i prefer to keep data for myself, because you paid money for it.

good luck with your campaign.
Today is December 21, 2018, so I'd like to share where I got to with this push campaign and maxbounty offer (and finally moved to a tracker, bemob, to get this tracking and providing the data needed to make the adjustments to make it profitable.).

As you see in the video, I've managed to reach 300% ROI on this campaign, so CPA marketing does work; keep persistent, use your head, and keep at it until you find what works.

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