Follow Along PropellerAds + MaxBounty (no 3rd party tracker) December Contest

I see that, Luke and very happy it tracks for you. Actually quite excited to hear something might track with push notifications on propeller.

Here's what I am seeing at present, and even with fixed param values, I'm not seeing data being passed yet.

Here's where I am on Dec 13 right now.

and for these 5 today I have:

So this is how to send details: ask traffic source for details, send to mebob, send clickId to cpa (offer source) and mebob will tell you what converts and what the details on what converted. cpa company and traffic company have clickId.
I have been doing split tests with different ads for a few days now and am getting good CTR rates.

What's a good rule of thumb for push ads as for CTR? is 1.5% good? or is it more like 10% for profits?

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