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Follow Along PropellerAds Contest #PA23 - Dating



Super Contributor
Jan 8, 2022
🎯 Traffic Source: Propellerads
🔧 Tracking Tool: Bemob
✅ Affiliate Network: CPAMatica
👍 Type of Offer: SOI
💰 Offer Payout: $3.20
Country: US

I have been buying for a while using Propeller Ads, I have had some ups and downs, but I am ready to move to a bigger type of campaign, so I am launching a Dating offer from CPAMatica in the USA. As I want to be cautious with budget, I have some previous data and I have a cap of only 25 conversions per day, I am starting with a narrow campaign:

User Activity: High
Carrier: Verizon
OS: Android only (kind of obvious since it's Push and I want to focus on Mobile)
Browser: Chrome
Language: English

These are my results from yesterday (September 6, the first day of my campaign), and since it started quite targeted, I am ready to start killing some zones that didn't do good (basically everything that spend 1x CPA and had no conversions)


Same with my creatives, and same principle. $3.20+ spend and no conversions, and you are out.


I can already see some good results from that optimization. This is what I have today so far:


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