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Follow Along Propeller Ads + Golden Goose + Bemob (My First Follow-Along)

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Sep 26, 2022
Hi everyone,

This is my first follow-along, hope to get some guidance and advice from you guys (and gals!) as I am still very green in CPA Marketing, haha.....

Trafic Source: PropellerAds (PA)
Traffic Type: Push Notifications
Affiliate Network:
Golden Goose (GG)
Tracking Tool: Bemob
Type of Offer: Pin Submit(MVAS)
Offer Payout: $0.92
Geo: Tier 3

So these are the steps I took:

1. Step 1: Link Bemob to GG
In Bemob Home > Affiliate Networks > + New > + New from Template > Search for GG > Click Next > [In the Create Affiliate Network text box]: in 1. Affiliate Network Details, under the Name column, search for Golden Goose > in 2. Additional Options, tick the Append BeMob Click ID Value

2. Step 2: Link GG Account to Bemob
Go to top right corner, next to your email address, there's a dropdown > select Account > click on Global Postback and Trafficback > under Postback URL: (I got it from my Account Manager) > Send profit in currency: USD > Trafficback URL: (I left it blank) > Click Update

3. Step 3: Link Bemob to PA
In Bemob Home > Traffic Sources > + New > + New from Template > Search for PA > Click Next > [In the Create Traffic Source text box]: in 1. Traffic Source Details, under the


  • GGset-up.png
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