Pro-Push problems on pops traffic



Grand Guru
Nov 1, 2021
Again i have problems with collecting push subs.
Some month ago i had similar problems and i was not able to get pro-push to work on my AWS hosted websites. Pro-push helped me with it and since then anything works fine.
In general I work more with push traffic and anything worked the last months.
In september I also tested some pops campaigns and i had a high rate pop views against Pre-requests in pro-push. It was fine.

So yesterday I started a Pop campaign and the pre-requests are like zero. Same code on lander as before. i chatted with pro-push support and they say from there site anything looks good. My code on website is correct.
I run around 6000 pop views to the lander and had only 300 pre-requests? WTF?

I made splittest with monetizer code on lander. run around 700 views from pop and got 1 subsciber (in monetizer you do not see pre-requests). So it seems that it is working there not either.

So what can be the problem here?

Can this be a country problem? I only run android, so this is not
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