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Follow Along Part 2 : Earning Easy Money: My Journey with a Crazy Converting Offer! #ADSTERRAx2



Grand Guru
Dec 24, 2019
Part 1 Link : https://afflift.com/f/threads/earning-easy-money-my-journey-with-a-crazy-converting-offer.11370/

Hello everyone,

After the success of my first follow-along, I'm excited to be here with the second part of the same journey. I understand that I could have posted updates in my existing follow-along, but I'm creating a new one to participate in contest, which requires a separate entry. So, consider this as the continuation of my previous follow-along.
Now, you might be wondering what's new in this follow-along. Well, my top priority for this follow-along is to explore new traffic sources. With increased competition for the offer I've been using since my first follow-along, I've encountered some challenges in making my campaign profitable with PropellerAds. However, I've managed to earn some money from this campaign on PropellerAds.

Now, it's time to expand my horizons and test this offer on other traffic sources as well.

Stay curious, stay engaged, and let's make this follow-along a massive success! 💪🚀
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