Optimizing Mobipium Smartlinks is Making Me Pull My Hair Out!

Dynu In Media


Jul 3, 2021
Hi everyone, I am sure some of you here have read my posts about me scaling up Luke's Beginners Course. I was soooo confident of scaling it up to 50 dollars by the end of next month. However, there are some major issues I am facing with my Growth in becoming a full time media buyer.

The issue is that if i gather a day's worth of Data, Most of that Data is wrong after just 2 days. I believe it is mostly because my payouts get dramatically smaller all the time and that is simply frustrating... I am considering, my last attempt to try and do a small scale test over a week and only use the AP of the last 3 days as a filter. What do you guys think?

Also I am unsure, what the next step is for me since I have having so much trouble with optimizing and scaling up Luke's Course. I have only managed to dig up a small site that pays me $1-3 dollars a day. The variability of the payout for the rest of the websites is driving me Nuts!

I already have Nick's course but I only have about
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