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Need help making Mobidea work with Peerclick



May 19, 2021
Hello there,

for a few days I've been trying to make Peerclick work with offer link from mobidea. After consulations with AM from Mobidea and very helpful PropellerAds support - nothing works and I'm 50$ thinner for testing to make it work with conversions, already scored 6 but no info, no zones, no anything parses either to PeerClick or PropellerAds...
Is anybody able to help here maybe? I don't have money to throw out like that just to make a tracker work with offer link rather than on proper tests...

Here's all needed data:

Offer link, the offer and pub ids' are of course changed

Here's how the MobIdea is telling to set up the postback - it is very unclear though, I think.


And here's how the parsed postback looks like:

Peerclick was of no help... They just sent me 2 links to read through but that's not of any help for me at this moment.

(Why hire people for support who can't resolve tracking issues? That's just dumb as hell.)

Here's my trafficsource setting for Propeller


Is there anything needed to change?

If there
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