Follow Along My Data for the Monetizer Contest Using Bemob and PopAds



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Sep 4, 2018
My Data for the Monetizer Contest Using Bemob and PopAds

I had been approved by Monetizer about a week before the contest was announced. I started looking around the interface and was admittedly overwhelmed. But when the contest was announced, I figured this was the best time for me to jump right in and sink or swim.

I followed the pop guide specifically so that I could keep myself organized and have a start and finish to my setup.

Things I Struggled With:
1. What offer to promote was my biggest obstacle. I was used to the old days where they gave you all kinds of info about the offer in terms of what users were supposed to do. I wasn't completely tuned in to mobile yet and these smartlinks.

So I finally decided to split test five offers and basically after two days of trying to find the "right" offer, I literally threw a bunch in a hat yesterday and grabbed five.

2. I was then confused about the country targetting and why a smartlink had to be only for one specific country. I got on skype with monetizer support and they were great with me. I asked all


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