Mobidea spy tool?


How do my campaigns not get exposed?

Yeah, I'm assuming they still show up as coming from one of the partners you buy traffic from. Right?

Right, if the traffic is coming from the feed of one our partners, in this case the ads will appear under their Traffic source.
This is independent from us, since spy tools are crawling directly their feed with ads.

Nick, if you have any other question, let me know.


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"Yes, this is a whitelabel of Anstrex. Just with our filter presets."

ROFL. Well, if that's the case it's less concerning than what I was thinking...



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So can we get a clear answer to this:

Does Mobidea Push have any of their own subscribers, or are they all brokered from other networks?

If they're all brokered, of course, no spy tool is going to mark the ads as "Mobidea Push", as none of the traffic is technically proprietarily Mobidea Push traffic...

We're also going to assume the Mobidea Push spy tool is a white label Anstrex with different preset filters unless you tell us otherwise.


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@Mobidea setup a promo code you can use to get 5 days for free to try out their spy tool.

Use the code AFFLIFT and get 5 days free before being charged. Gives you a chance to try it out. The trial is typically just 2 days so this just adds 3 more days, but I suppose that might be useful? lol