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Follow Along Let's Go - Rtx and Clickbank (Nutra)



Super Contributor
Nov 13, 2018
🎯 Traffic Source: RTXPlattform Pop
🔧 Tracking Tool: bemob
✅ Affiliate Network: ClickBank
👍 Type of Offer: Health & Fitness - Dietary Supplements
💰 Offer Payout: 130/150$ cpa + rebill

First of all we will prepare a landing page, and we will use something like


The text/images is very generic and it will be possible to rotate various different dietary offers.
I will test direct traffic and landing.
I set a back button redirect to monetizer push collect smartlink.

Why I decided to start with this offer?
Because I have never worked with dietary supplements, and as an evergreen nitche would be interesting to master it.
Why I decided for this landing page?
Using spy tools as anstrex I have seen this landing style is very common.

Rtx setting and keywords
We will use keywords/domain POP traffic.
RTX is one of the biggest player and we will start with this provider.

Some questions:
1) Which domains are relevant to promote my products (where I could find interested/warmed visitors ready to buy a diet supplement)
2) Which keywords are relevant
3) Which geos are relevant?
to answer these questions we will use similarweb and "reverse engineering"

I will just
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