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How top ad agencies run ClickBank offers on Facebook?



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Jan 14, 2019
Hey Afflifters!

Whether you’ve ever promoted Clickbank offers or not, as an affiliate marketer you can’t help but have an opinion on Clickbank.

They’ve been around when some of you were still in elementary school, or even born.

They were running products that no other networks would touch.

They’ve been at the forefront of the industry, and even when you look at their backend and think:

🤔 Is clickbank creative director a grandpa?

You still wonder, what’s the secret sauce behind ClickBank’ success?!

I tell you what: We’ve been working closely with some of their biggest affiliates and numbers are simply mind blowing.🤑

The secret to be a Clickbank successful affiliate?​

It’s a mix of well balanced ingredients that includes finding the right offers, creating well crafted landing pages, making sure the vendor has a great sales funnel, and tracking every possible touch points of the sales funnel.

I'm not going to tell you how to craft your research, as I know there are plenty of well documented guides that have been focusing on ClickBank.

But I can tell you a few things about tracking 😁

Here are the special events you want to track when promoting Clickbank offers.
  1. Time on page: When buying traffic to a VSL page, what really matters is how long are your visitors staying on your page. Passed a certain point, you an be almost certain that the visitor will move to the next step of the funnel.

  2. Outbound clicks to the ClickBank offer - Sure, a click isn't money, but it's an important datapoint that will give you an indication of how your campaign is doing.

  3. Order form tracking - how many people reach the order page? This is obviously important as it's the final step before the payment. So being able to measure this step of the funnel gives you a clear indication of where people drop in your funnel.

  4. The Sales Event - It goes without saying that the sales event is what will indicate the campaign ROAS. Whether you run on Facebook Ads, or Google Ads (yes, you can run Clickbank offers on Facebook and Google ads), this is the key indicator that will let you automate your ads optimization with a target ROAS.

  5. Rebills, upsells - If your research did pointed you to offers that have rebills and upsells, then you should leverage these conversion events because they will give you breathing space to increase your bids.

As I mentioned earlier, we've worked closely with major ad agencies running campaigns on Facebook Ads. Understanding their tracking challenges, was a real eye opener which allowed us to fully automate our ClickBank integration.

How can you automate your Facebook Ads - ClickBank campaigns?

AnyTrack fully integrates with Facebook Ads, ClickBank, and Facebook Conversion API (CAPI). These integrations give you the ability to leverage every possible campaign strategy available in Facebook, and squeeze every possible dollar out of your campaigns.

👇 Here is the breakdown of an advanced campaign strategy that you can easily implement with this integration.

Run Top of the funnel campaign

  • So you can funnel data into your facebook pixel
  • Create lookalike audiences out of any or a mix of audience segments.

Middle of the funnel campaigns:

  • Retarget engaged audiences
  • Exclude purchases if the clickbank offer does not have or upsells option

Bottom of the funnel campaigns:

  • Retarget audiences that have reached the order page, but did not purchase
  • Exclude purchasers
  • Retarget purchasers with the upsell offer

♻️ Rince and repeat

  • Top of the funnel campaign with lookalike audiences
  • Cross promote related offers to purchasers lookalike or custom audiences.

AnyTrack - ClickBank - Facebook Conversion API integration details

  • Automatic mapping of clickbank standard events with Facebook Standard Conversion events
  • Automatic setup of ClickBank instant notification (it's a copy/paste).
  • Automatic tracking of any ClickBank links on your website.
  • Automatic form tracking with Clickfunnels, typeform, and standard html forms.
  • Track your campaign's lifetime value, beyond the facebook 7 days attribution window.
  • Automatic setup of the Facebook Conversion API

Want to give it a shot?

  • Get 50% off your subscription for the next 3 months.
  • This Offer is valid for the first 30 customers to claim it.
  • This offer is valid until September 30th 12 pm.
▶️ Try here, it's free, and it takes less than 5 minutes to setup.

Side note about AnyTrack:
While this post is about ClickBank / Facebook - be advise that AnyTrack has plenty of exclusive features in store for you:

  • Google Analytics API Integration
  • Google Ads GTag API
  • Bing Ads UET server side tracking (like a postback url)
  • Multi-pixel / server side api for audience building.
  • Integration with +100 affiliate networks
  • Full redirectless tracking
  • Built-in eCommerce tracking for Shopify and Woocommerce.
  • Native integration with ClickFunnels, Typeform, Leadshook and more
And all of this can be enabled with a simple copy / paste of the AnyTrack tag on your website.
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heard facebook banaccount too much this year,are there method to run affliate offers on facebook relatively stable now?
heard facebook banaccount too much this year,are there method to run affliate offers on facebook relatively stable now?
Last time I spoke with their AI, the answer was:
Trust me:)

Joke aside: we have hundreds of clients running 5 figures daily budgets on fb and they seem to be fine. That doesn’t mean that they never get locked out, but appealing seems to be more streamlined now.

Have a look at this article where I outline some of the hidden reasons behind Facebook ad account bans.