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Ever wondered how your affiliate conversions would look like in Google Analytics? Ever been frustrated trying to track conversions in Google Ads or Facebook Ads?
Like most affiliate marketers, both Google Ads and Facebook Ads are considered as the top traffic sources. Yet, to make the most out of your campaigns and take advantage of automatic CPA optimization, you must sync all your conversions with your Facebook Pixel and Google Ads account.

This is precisely what AnyTrack was built for, and they made it so easy, that it only takes a couple of minutes to start seeing your conversions in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
On top of that, AnyTrack is geared with exclusive features like funnel tracking, multi-touch tracking, multi channel marketing and over 50 affiliate networks integrations.

Looking to level with top PPC marketers? Try AnyTrack for free. You won't regret it.

Since switching tracker is a serious decision, AnyTrack made it super easy and simple to try out their platform without having to change anything on your site. Open a Free Account, Copy/paste their tag on your site and that's it. You'll see it action in less than a minute


AnyTrack Features

AnyTrack allows you to connect your entire marketing with a single Tag: from your affiliate networks, to your landing pages and funnels, to your traffic sources, and more! Here are the platform's major features:


AnyTrack’s technology lets you track all user actions and sync your conversions across Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Outbrain, and Taboola pixel by simply adding a Tag to your site (like you would add Google Analytics). Set-up is easy as a Copy/Paste, without the need for coding.
The Tag does the following:
  • AutoTrack on-site events (such as outbound clicks and form submissions)
  • AutoTag offer links and forms (with subid - for postback tracking)
  • Tracks the entire funnel and customer journey.
Granular Conversion Data

Because AnyTrack is integrated with Google Analytics, it ties your conversion data with every aspect of your business. You can analyze everything, down to the most granular detail. You can find the actual placements that work, the exact demographics of audiences the interact well with a specific ad, which part of your funnel led to a conversion, and more. If you have access to all this information, there’s no telling how successful your marketing campaigns can be!


Integration with Multiple Networks and Tracking Systems

You can connect your Google Analytics account as well as your Facebook Pixel so that there would not be any need to switch between AnyTrack and other dashboards just to analyze and compare data.

Custom Audience Building
Because AnyTrack is constantly sending tracked events and conversions to your various pixels and analytics, you can easily build custom audiences to target ads at each stage of your customer's journey.

Affiliate Networks
One-Click setup with more than 50 affiliate networks to easily track which of your campaigns and ads led to the conversion.

Redirect-Less Tracking
The AnyTrack Tag automatically tracks and auto-tag any affiliate links, so you never have to configure or append tracking parameters to your site's call to actions (and your tracker doesn't look like a link cloaker).

Rich Conversion Data
AnyTrack global postback URL, tracks rich conversion data, including conversion type (cpa, sale, insall), conversion status, offer name and more, so you get better insights on what your customers are buying.

Traffic Sources
Keep up to date with the traffic you’ve been receiving by integrating your ad network to your AnyTrack account. Integrating with Google Ads, Taboola, Outbrain, and other native ads platforms can (really) be done in a few clicks. You can also use custom integration to connect other traffic networks not included in AnyTrack’s list.

Webhooks: Marketing Apps Integrations
AnyTrack lets you fire your conversion to webhooks providers (i.e. Zapier), so you can push this conversion data to your email marketing software, and tie conversions with individual subscribers.

AnyTrack Pricing Plans

This platform offers three types of pricing plans, and these are:
  1. Free - as its name implies, this account is free forever. It allows you to track one website, connect one affiliate network, and you can add your Google Analytics and Facebook pixel. However, you can only track up to 5000 sessions per month.
  2. Basic - for a price of $50 per month, this plan allows you to monitor one website, at a maximum of 50,000 sessions. You can integrate up to three affiliate networks, your Google Analytics account, as well as your Facebook Pixel.
  3. Personal - priced at $150 monthly, you can track three websites, and an unlimited number of affiliate networks. You can also use all available features. It can track up to 500'000 sessions per month.
  4. Advanced - for $300 per month, this plan allows you to track 10 websites at up to 3M sessions per month. Like the Personal account, you also have access to all of the tracker’s features.
All Basic, Personal and Advanced plans come with 14 days of free trial.

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