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Landing Page Promotes Malware?



Nov 3, 2022
Hello everybody!

I was testing new geos today with some pop traffic from propellerads, but I noticed that all my new campaigns get denied for "Landing page contains or promotes malware violation of rules on landing page." I did some common sense troubleshooting on my end and this is what I found

Test 1: I removed my landing page and tested direct link, APPROVED
Test 2: I put back my landing page but removed my backbutton offer, DENIED
Test 3: I duplicated my old campaign that still has lander, back button offer, and main offer APPROVED

This is making me very confused. All my landers are basically the same just in different geos for scaling purpose, and the only variable I didn't change was the propush script on my landers but I don't think that's malware. Any tips on
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