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Interview with an affiliate buying traffic from advertising networks: what approaches to use and how to choose a converting offer

BeMob + affLIFT


Jun 7, 2022
Many people who join Affiliate marketing often begin by purchasing traffic through ad networks. This is because it is relatively easy to get started with this type of traffic, as ad networks have lower entry barriers, fewer advertising company restrictions, no bans, and the option to start with a small budget. Experienced affiliates and teams also use traffic from ad networks. However, there are still unanswered questions regarding ad networks even in today's affiliate marketing landscape.

Today, we will attempt to find answers to these questions with the help of Phill, the owner of the LeadHunters team.

Thank you for agreeing to answer questions. How did you get started with affiliate marketing, and how did you first encounter ad networks?

Hello! I have been involved in affiliate marketing since 2014. Initially, I was getting my traffic from a combination of using SEO and popular doorways at that time. However, as time went on, many affiliate programs started prohibiting the use of doorway traffic. This led me to explore other options like Facebook and push notifications, which is when I encountered ad networks. Now, I have my own small team, and we generate at least 50% of our traffic from
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